Let Firewalla be your private security guard. It continuously scans your home for security vulnerabilities and warns you of any potential risk. It will alert you of active cyber attacks and block them if needed. Never be scared of that digital thing being hacked again, we got your back!

4 thoughts on “Relax, you are protected”

  1. Hi lately there’s been something wrong with my phone the home screen keeps freezing sometimes nd the home screen button nd the turn off button work also sometimes it types by itself nd moves are these sings that it’s being hacked I also hit my phone when it freezes so i think it’s also that it’s been like this for a week plz help me

    1. if you are using an iPhone and the home screen freezes, it is likely to be an iPhone problems. iPhone hacks are more of certain apps is not doing the right thing, the iOS itself is unlikely.

      If the problems continues, my advice is to reinstall iOS on your phone.

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