Connect the box to your router, launch the mobile app, and enjoy security on all devices at home.

Cyber Security doesn’t need to be complex.  We have been working on this for a very long time, and we know how hard it is to setup a firewall.   We learned our lesson and want to use that knowledge to completely revolutionize how cyber security is perceived by the consumers.

  1. One tap to enable some of the most important functions like family mode, Ad-block, VPN, Internet on&off.
  2. No password to remember.  Our underline cloud-based messaging service are secured using special keys that is stored on your phone, so no need for you to remember the password and yet it is secure.
  3. Artificial Intelligence.  Our intelligent cloud will learn behavior and support the Firewalla box to ensure it is able to stand up against the toughest attacks.

6 thoughts on “Plug in and Secure”

  1. I need this product for my home. When is the product available?

    BTW, how do you block the traffic bad by connecting just one port to home router, as the traffic doesn’t pass through your box.


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