Our Philosophy

  • Simplify Cybersecurity:  Cybersecurity is complex; It is even more complex for the home and small business.   We want to make this experience as simple as possible.
  • Enterprise technology for the home:  cyber technologies are already there for large enterprises. They are complex because they need to scale and operate in very complex environments.   We take the same technology, simplify, and scale it down for the home.
  • We believe security needs to be open.  We fully open sourced the code running on the Firewalla box.   This blueprint that runs the Firewalla is open to inspection and open to innovation.
  • We believe in evolution.  Our team believes security is based on continuous improvements.  We believe in shipping code often and early.

Who made Firewalla

  • We are security and networking experts.  Used to build enterprise, mobile, and service provider security.
  • We all have families and kids, we want to protect the home.
  • Our first version may be too nerdy … will get better