The alarm sections contain all the alarms generated by the Firewalla device.    There are two kinds of alarms:

  • Malware and security alarms: hacking attempts, visiting malicious websites.
  • Activity alarms: visiting porn, gaming, watching a video.


Visiting a suspicious website.



Hacking attempt from outside


Hacking attempt and automatic block


Suspicious behaviors

Suspicious behavior based alarms.  These alarms are based on analytics data, and specialized algorithems behavior analysis;  Something we use to detect ‘bad’ things earlier.  Alarms of this kind may not always be problems.  So, unless you know what you are doing, blocking them need a bit of thought.


New Devices

Firewalla is able to detect new devices multiple different ways.  It will present these new devices as alarms.  No action will allow the device to access the network.