As we are moving towards a perfect Firewalla solution, we do understand due to how we implement the plugin-N-play capability,  we may have compatibility issues.

Under the hood

There are two modes that Firewalla can connect to your network.   Firewalla will work in either Simple Mode or DHCP mode.  See: How does firewalla intercept traffic?

1. Simple Mode

This mode doesn’t require any configuration change to your router.  It relies on the ARP protocol to do all the magic.  Unfortunately, this mode may not be compatible with all routers out there.   We are working hard to make them work.

If your router is on this list, most likely you can still use DHCP Mode. However, if your router is also on list 2, you are out of luck for now.

LIST 1 : Following Routers are NOT compatible with Simple Mode (as of June 2017).


  • T3200M


  • 5268
  • SBG6782 (Investigating)


  • N600 RT-N56U (NAT Acceleration must be turned off)
  • SRT-AC1900


  • Home Hub 3000


  • OnHub TGR-1900 (TP-Link)
  • OnHub SRT-AC1900 (ASUS)


  • Some routers will not allow simple mode.


  • N600 EA2500 (Not support guest network)
  • AC1900 EA7500 (Express Forwarding must be disabled)
  • AC2400 EA8350
  • AC2600 Max-Stream EA8500 (Express Forwarding must be disabled)
  • AC4000 EA9300 (Express Forwarding must be disabled)


  • N600 WNDR3400 (Not compatible with guest network)
  • AC1600 R6250
  • AC1750 R6400
  • AC2350 Nighthawk X4 R7500
  • AC2600 Nighthawk X4S R7800
  • AC3000
  • N600 (turn guest network off)


  • OM2P and OM2P-HS


  • RT2600ac

We heard rumors that latest firmware may break simple mode. We have not tried DHCP mode on it; (Eero is able to turn off DHCP, so it should work … in theory)

2. DHCP Mode

If Simple Mode doesn’t work, you can still use the DHCP Mode. This mode will require you to disable or modify DHCP configuration on the router. Most routers can work with this mode. Between the simple mode and DHCP mode, if you can tinker with your router, this is always a better solution.

LIST 2 : Following routers are NOT compatible with DHCP Mode (as of June 2017).

  • Google OnHub
  • Tp-Link Deco M5
  • Portal WiFi
  • AT&T NVG510
  • Huawei B310s, B683
  • Technicolor TC8717, TC8715
  • Luma