Thank you for purchasing Firewalla.

First of all:


For best performance, the firewalla box will need to be installed next to the main router (not the extender).  This is the router that provided by your service provider or purchased by you.

If you have multiple routers, Firewalla must be installed on the same network as your iPhone. If you don’t understand this, it is likely your network is not complex enough, just plug in Firewalla to your main router.

Want to know how our stuff intercept traffic?  



Firewalla can be either powered by the included power adapter or be connected directly to the router’s available USB port.  The available port must be able to provide at least 1.0 amp. (Most routers will be okay, if you are not sure, use the included plug)

  • Locate the Ethernet cable.  Connect one end to firewalla, and the other to an ethernet port on the main router.
  • Locate the micro USB power cable.  Connect one end to Firewalla.  Connect the large USB connector to the provided power adaptor, or to the USB port on your router.
  • You will see the light next to the Firewalla ethernet cable blinding.
  • Please do not turn off the box during the first installation.
  • It may take up to two minutes to power up the box the first time.  The box will do software updates first.  The code that runs on the box comes from here.   No joke, this is the ‘exact code that runs on your box.



You should see a new Firewalla Button.  Tap on the “New Firewalla” button. (The initial installation process maybe around 120 seconds).

The app will ask you to scan the QR code located on Firewalla Box.  Point to it.

The initial connection will take a while,  both sides will be exchanging secrets.   You should see this.  Firewalla will start an automated process to test which mode is most fit for your network.



  • Firewalla will first test your network for compatibility with Simple Mode.  This is the best mode to
  • If the test fails, you can try to run it again.  If anything bad happens, unplug Firewalla box and try again.
  • If the automatic test fails, we advise you turn on DHCP mode.  DHCP mode will require you to turn off DHCP on your router.  Please follow directions here 
  • You can also turn off monitoring mode by tap on monitor button.  Firewalla then will be running in server mode.  It will give you inventory, scan for vulnerabilities and run as a VPN server.

Here is a quick demo video of how Firewalla works: