Alarm and Feature Control

This guide will show you how to manage the alarms from various features in Firewalla.   Firewalla when installed, has all features turned on, and associated with each feature ... there is this alarm notification.  We do understand that some alarms may be a bit too much, we are working hard to make it more optimal. 

Here is how to control each notification and feature.

How to disable the alarm notifications:

- Cybersecurity alarms

- Porn / Video / Gaming alarms

When notifications are disabled, the alarm still there ... So if you want to hide from porn alarms, you will need to scroll down.

1. Enter Settings by tapping on the Gears button on the top right

2. Tap on "Notifications"

3. Then you will see a bunch of on and off.


How to Disable Features

(Warning, never turn on Naughty Monkey!)

Features are a piece of code that will do stuff.  For example, you don't even care if someone is watching a video, you can just remove the video detection feature.  (This works for gaming, cybersecurity, porn ...)

1. Tap on the (+) button, it is the last button

2. You will see a list of features currently disabled and enabled

For example, to disable Porn detection, tap on "Porn Activity Detection" and you will see this.  Toggle to turn it off.  Then you will never see any porn alarms in alarms panel