Copy of About Us

Jerry Chen: Co-Founder


Before founding Firewalla, Jerry spent nearly 20 years working at Cisco Systems, where he was a senior manager and ran many projects in Security Technology Group, Core Routing Group, and Consumer Business Unit.  


"I invented Firewalla after my daughter's baby camera was hacked, and my goal is to prevent such things from happening to other families. " 

Melvin Tu: Co-Founder


Melvin is a 10-year veteran of Cisco Systems’ Security Technology Group. There he spent much his time creating one of the world’s leading analytics engines for cyber security monitoring. He is a fan of mobile app development, gaming, and hiking. Melvin is responsible for Engineering


Annie Lu: Co-Founder:


Annie worked in Cisco Systems as a senior manager for 15 years, splitting her time between Security Technology Group and Optical Networking Group. She is also a founder of a toy company and an amateur photographer. She is passionate about making customers happy. Annie is responsible for operations.


We are a bunch of networking and security engineers; when someone hacked our baby camera, we had to bring out professional equipment to fix the problem. 

"What will our neighbors do?” 

"Do you know you are under Cyber Attack?"

This inspired us to create Firewalla.  We want to make Cyber Security Simple and Affordable.   We want to pack all the professional tools we use and make it simple for consumers to secure the world of digital things, control kids internet access, block ads, and even manage social media! 

We have families, and we build a button called family time… 

Our Journey

Firewalla was funded through Kickstarter and later followed through via Indiegogo In-demand.  We shipped all of our orders as of late February 2018, and now we are in production.

Our Philosophy

Our Cave