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Difference Between Blue and Red

Speed and Power

While the Firewalla Red was optimized for affordability, the Blue will be optimized for power and speed. Faster processor and more memory to handle the network traffic and attacks at near gigabit speed.  

Firewalla Blue will be based on the same software as Firewalla Red. The same software that’s been protecting families across 57 countries around the world.   

Both boxes will be using the same App, there is no change.   There will be changes in the cloud to provide more complex security intel for these newer devices.

Compare Variations   

BUY Firewalla Red
BUY Firewalla Blue
Packet Processing Speed
100 Mb >500 Mb
512 MB 1024 MB
Active Protect Entry 1000 10,000
32bit Quad Core ARM 1ghz 64bit Quad Core ARM 1ghz
VPN Encryption Speed
28 Mb 70 Mb

Ideal For

- Standard Speed Internet

- Families and Home Business

- High Speed Internet

- Professionals and Small Business

An open source security platform

Firewalla device source code is open. Open to inspection so you know your privacy is valued; open to extension, so anyone will be able to contribute and bring in functionalities beyond what we can ever imagine.

Firewalla uses open hardware which is widely used by many different industries.  Open hardware allows us to further reduce cost and bring this saving to you.

Extensible for the Future

The Firewalla platform was engineered to be highly extensible.  The flexibility we put into our designs allows us to deliver future features ten times faster than our competitors.

Features we are thinking of:

1. Tor: for anonymous browsing

2. Shadow Socket: A security proxy can’t even be blocked by censorship

3. More enhancement for parental control

4. Internet/wifi quality monitoring and diagnostics

Leverage the power of cloud technology

Firewalla is powered by an Artificially Intelligent Cloud.  This cloud constantly learns from all the connected devices and actively using this knowledge to automatically mitigate attacks by sending updates to all connected homes through encrypted channels.

Product Privacy

User data is fully encrypted and locked, you have the key.  Firewalla cloud will never know what web address you visited, what kind of data was sent between your device and the Firewalla.

Enterprise Security For the Home

If you look at large enterprises today, there are multitudes of technologies preventing cyber attacks and managing employee accesses.  Our engineering team has been building these technologies for the past 15 years, and we all believe we can simplify these enterprise technologies for home use.

The advances in mobile and cloud technology made this possible.  Not only can we squeeze technology into these affordable boards, we further simplify the experience using our App on your phone.

Instead of charging $10000 dollars, we can reduce the cost to less than a family dinner.

Firewalla Box Security

How Does Firewalla Intercept Traffic?

If you want to know details about how does Firewalla intercept traffic, checkout this link.