Initial Setup Guide

Welcome to Firewalla Red.  Eager to get started?  Let's do it!

This guide has everything you need to know to set up the little red box.  If at any stage you are stuck or have questions, please email us at, it will create a support case, and our engineers will help you directly.

STEP 1: Wire up the box

Connect Firewalla device to the main router of your network using the Ethernet cable provided in the package.  Then, connect the device to a power source using the Micro-USB cable provided in the package.


  • For best performance, the Firewalla device needs to be installed next to the main router (not the extender). That is the router either provided by your service provider or purchased by you. If you have multiple routers, Firewalla must be connected to the same network as your mobile phone is connected to. If you don’t understand this, it is likely your network is not complex enough, just plug in Firewalla to your main router.
  • You can connect the Firewalla to any power source.  Make sure it provides a decent 2A current.  Once the device is powered, the light next to the  Ethernet cable will start blinking.
  • Do not power off the box during the installation.

STEP 2: Download and install Firewalla App

You can search and download “Firewalla” App from App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Or you can just click the icon below to go directly to the download page.


STEP 3: Pairing Firewalla App with the box

Make sure your mobile device (phone or pad) is connected to the same network as Firewalla device is connected to.

Launch Firewalla App.  If Firewalla device (the red box) is ready to be paired, you shall see either '+' or 'New Firewalla' icon, or see both icons.  If you don't see any of the two icons, please be patient.  Because first-time Firewalla device comes up, it will download and upgrade itself to the latest software.  This may take up to 5 mins.

Start pairing with the red box.  Tap on either '+' or 'New Firewalla' icon, and follow the instruction on installation wizard.  When asked to scan QR code, it is the sticker located at the bottom of the little red box.  Once it is finished, your box will be able to communicate with the App. 



STEP 4: Initial Setup of the box

After the pairing, a setup dialog will appear on the installation wizard. Tap “Continue”, it will automatically set up the device by learning your network. The entire process may take several more minutes. Once it is done, the little red box is now ready to work.


  • If during the setup process, the device finds your main router is not compatible with Simple Mode, it will advise you to use DHCP Mode instead.  However, DHCP mode requires some manual configuration on your router.  Please follow this guide to setup DHCP mode.
  • If you want to know what is Simple Mode and DHCP Mode before deciding which mode to choose, check out this page
  • If you just want to see whether your router is compatible with Simple Mode or not, check out this page.
  • If you are sure your router is compatible with Simple Mode, feel free to retry when you see the test fail message.
  • If you are using a mesh router, and having problems, please consult this guide: Notes on the meshed router

Post Installation Problems:

Most routers will work with either Firewalla's Simple (plug and play) mode or the DHCP mode.  Some routers may experience issues such as devices being blocked or slow down in internet speed.  The fix is usually switching to a different monitoring mode or a configuration fix.  
  • If you encounter any issues, please send email to, our engineers will help you directly.

Additional help when using Firewalla App

We are trying our best to make sure our App is intuitive enough without needing a big user guide document.  However, in case we are not doing our job right, and you want to know how to use our App, please consult the user manual page.

Other useful links:

A reminder, if you see a bright red 'B' next to any feature, this means, 'beta'.  We are testing, and it is not ready for prime time.  We will be likely to have that feature in production around 30 days.

A Thank You Note and a Commitment from us:

We hope you had a good experience installing Firewalla, and we certainly hope you will enjoy our product and its features more in the future.  We are a startup, a group of former Cisco engineers wanting to make the world a safer place.  Our passion is to make cybersecurity simple to operate, affordable to everyone and powerful enough for professionals.  

We may be a small company, but we are big in customer satisfaction, passion for good engineering.

With your purchase, we are one step closer to that goal.   If you like our product, please help us spread the word around or give us a good review.  If you don't like our product, please contact us, we will make it better.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. 

And lastly, Firewalla is a living product.  We are committed to making a better product for You.  Please join our community or Facebook page, look out for new features, new ways to protect, and new ways to use Firewalla.

Thank You

The Firewalla Team