Firewalla Gold SE

2 Gbit Cyber Security Protection

Affordable and Powerful

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Firewalla Managed Service Portal

Firewalla MSP

Manage Many Firewalla Boxes Together

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Activity and Parental Control

Use Firewalla to check and control whether your kids' are gaming, doing homework, or browsing unsafe websites without having to pull the plug on your dusty router.

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VPN: Firewalla – Built-in VPN server, Completely Free

Privacy Protection: VPN

Firewalla protects your privacy on the road, in coffee shops, or on any public Wifi with our built-in VPN server! It's completely FREE, with no monthly fee.

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Firewalla – Built-in Ad Blocker

Ad Block

Annoyed by website ads? Worried about who is tracking your web browsing habits? Firewalla's built-in ad blocker makes sure you don't see ads and ads don't see you.

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Firewalla – Smart queues provide a better, secure network

A Better Network

Firewalla lets you take the home network to the next level. From managing network delays using smart queues, to better ways to manage bandwidth usage. Firewalla delivers you a better and secure networking experience.

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Firewalla – share the same internet connection while separating your home and work

Remote Work

Firewalla can create a separation between your work and home while still sharing the same internet connection.

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"For making this cutting-edge technology understandable and usable for ordinary consumers, Firewalla earns our Editors' Choice award."

"Firewalla may be small, but it packs a powerful security punch, automatically blocking a host of network dangers and giving you plenty of handy extras. "

"The Best Firewall for Home & Small Businesses"

How Does It Work?


Complete device and network visibility. Capture network flows and detect activities like video, gaming, pornography, and malware.


Total control right at your fingertips. Block webpages and applications, manage device access, and block ads.


Signature and behavioral analysis. Detect attacks and take automated action when necessary.

Firewalla is an Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System with a modern mobile interface, and a powerful cloud.

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The Firewalla can create secondary firewalls within your home network through "network segmentation". This can divide your network into regions with dynamic and static policies.

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Easy To Install & Simple To Use

Additional Features

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Firewalla is running across 100+ countries

Firewalla Running Across 140 Countries + Small Businesses and Homes Firewalla Running Across 140 Countries + Small Businesses and Homes

5/8/24 - Firewalla App 1.61 Release - Activity block, security scan and more

4/2/24 - Firewalla Gold Pro: 10Gbit Pre-Sale start

2/26/24 - Firewalla App 1.60 Release  - Activity tracking, Users, NTP intercept

12/1/23 - Firewalla Gold Rack Mount Shipping