All-in-one, simple, affordable, intelligent shield that secures all of your digital things.

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Simple and Powerful

It can also block ads, control kids' internet usage, and even protects you when you are out on the road. There is no monthly fee!

Cyber Security Protection

Continuously scan your home for security vulnerabilities and risks. Alert you of active cyber attacks and block them if needed. Intelligent behavior analytics for abnormal behavior warning. Never be scared of that digital thing getting hacked again, we got your back!

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Your Privacy is a Priority

Protect your privacy on the road, in coffee shops, or any public Wifi with our built-in VPN server! Annoyed with ads? Enjoy an ad-free environment on every single device at home.

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Parenting With Ease

See exactly what your kids are doing: website, gaming, or social. Automatically alarm/block malicious and adult content. Activity-based blocking on any device (example: block gaming for one hour). Social hour, block out social networks for one hour. (coming soon) No more pulling power cord off that dusty router.

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Family Time

Firewalla is committed to taking back family time from social networks. One hour at a time. "Family Hour", block all social networks for one hour.

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Deep Insight

Firewalla provides full visibility to your devices and networks.   It can detect activities such as video, gaming, porn, malware and the ability to 'zoom' all the way to IP addresses.

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In Control

No longer you will need to pull the power cord from the router, Firewalla gives you full control of your network;  from blocking web pages to cutting off access to devices and even blocking ads. You will always be in control.

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Utilizing deep insight and our unique cloud-based behavior analytics engines, Firewalla can actively detect problems and automatically block them if needed.  Use our built-in VPN server to automatically protect your privacy, on the road and at coffee shops.

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Easy To Install

Connect your Firewalla to a power source and your main router. Launch the app on your mobile device and scan the barcode. Monitor and Manage your device from anywhere in the world with military strength encryption.

Simple To Use

Cyber security shouldn’t be complex and intimidating. We believe with the right software, cyber security can be made as simple as tapping on a few buttons.

Multiple Firewalla’s On The Same APP

Want to be the Chief Information Officer of the family?  Owns a small business? The Firewalla App allows you to manage multiple Firewalla boxes at a time!  Right at your fingertips.

Our Customer Says…

"The amount of traffic out of my home was an eye-opener!"
"One of the best kickstarter I've ever backed!"
“Very quick and easy install. Love that I get alerted when away from home.”
"The box is so tiny, I'm amazed that it can do everything it does!"
"Plugged it in… followed the online instructions and in seconds it was working … Wow … Wow"
"Such an ingenious solution, I'm still impressed and smiling 30 minutes after opening the box."
"Was awakened this morning by a warning that porn was being accessed from a PS4, I have other methods to try to filter this but they didn't catch this. Firewalla did."

◻ Born in 2015

◻ Funded via Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2017

◻ Deployed over 40 countries since January 2018

Open And Extensible

Firewalla is open source, you will always know what we are doing to your data.   Our open platform is expandable, expect more fun features in the future.  Powered by intelligent cloud and love, we protect you in the cyberspace.