Firewalla Purple

Gigabit Cyber Security Protection

Dual Ports + WiFi
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Firewalla Gold

Multi-Gigabit Cyber Security Protection

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Complete Cyber Security Solution

Worried about your baby camera getting hacked? Or someone tampering with your smart speakers? Or your phone being used by hackers? Firewalla automatically alerts and protects you from all of these cyber threats, providing peace of mind in the digital world.

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Activity and Parental Control

Firewalla lets you see what your kids are doing on his/her tablet. You’ll know whether they’re playing games, doing their homework, or going somewhere they shouldn’t. You won’t have to pull the power cord on that dusty router to limit access.

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Privacy Protection: VPN

If you're not comfortable sharing your private information when using public Wifi, you need Firewalla. Firewalla protects your privacy on the road, in coffee shops, or on any public Wifi with our built-in VPN server! It's completely FREE, with no monthly fee.

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Ad Block

Annoyed by website ads? Worried about who is tracking your web browsing habits? Firewalla's built-in ad blocker makes sure you don't see ads and ads don't see you.

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A Better Network

Firewalla lets you take the home network to the next level. From managing network delays using smart queues, to better ways to manage bandwidth usage. Firewalla delivers you a better and secure networking experience.

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Remote Work

Firewalla can create a separation between your work and home while still sharing the same internet connection.

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"Firewalla may be small, but it packs a powerful security punch, automatically blocking a host of network dangers and giving you plenty of handy extras. "

"Add a Firewalla to your network and you can see and manage all network devices and their actions. There's lots for techies to love in this tiny box, but even the average user can benefit."

"The Best Firewall for Home & Small Businesses"

How Does It Work?


Firewalla provides full visibility to your devices and networks. It can detect activities such as video, gaming, porn, malware and has the ability to 'zoom' all the way to IP addresses.


Firewalla gives you full control of your network. You can block web pages, cut off access to devices, and even block ads. You will always be in control.


Firewalla will actively detect problems and automatically block them if necessary.  Use our built-in VPN server to automatically protect your privacy when you’re on the road, at a coffee shop, or wherever you go.

Firewalla is an Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System with a modern mobile interface, and a powerful cloud.

The Firewalla Gold can create secondary firewalls within your home network through "network segmentation". This can divide your network into regions with dynamic and static policies.

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Visibility and Protection of Your Network

Additional Features

Easy to Install

Connect your Firewalla to a power source and your main router. Launch the app on your mobile device and scan the barcode. Now you can manage your network from anywhere in the world.

Simple To Use

Cyber security shouldn’t be complex and intimidating. We believe with the right software, cyber security can be made as simple as tapping on a few buttons.

Web Interface

The Firewalla Web Interface (beta) is a complementary management interface to the mobile app. This interface can provide a richer and in-depth view of your network, and enhance some of the more complex operations that are not possible on the mobile app (mobile app is required to login).

Open and Extensible

Firewalla is open source and you will always know what we are doing to your data. Our open platform is expandable, so expect more fun features in the future. Powered by intelligent cloud and love, we protect you in the cyberspace.

Firewalla is running across 100+ countries

4/27/22 - Firewalla App 1.50 Gold Beta: Unbound DNS server, Anyconnect VPN, WireGuard site to site VPN 

2/27/22 - Firewalla App 1.49 Released: all about performance monitoring

2/1/22 - Firewalla Purple Launched

12/4/21 - Firewalla App 1.48 Releasedlink bonding, multiple WAN IP support, and rules enhancements

9/22/21 - Firewalla 1.973 App 1.47 Released: WireGuard VPN Client, Multiple VPN support

8/20/21 - Firewalla Web 1.46 Releasedblocking stats, and target list enhancements

6/21/21 - Firewalla App 1.46 Released : live throughput stats, transparent bridge mode, configurable DNS over HTTPS and more ... 

5/25/21 - Firewalla 1.972 App 1.45 Released: Wireguard VPN, Strict Ad Blocker, Blocking Insights and more ...  

4/6/21 - Firewalla 1.972 App 1.45 Released For The Gold