Firewalla Wi-Fi SD


This is a presale, this unit will be shipped tentatively from July 22nd/2022 to July 31st/2022.

The Firewalla WiFi SD can be used in conjunction with the Firewalla Gold to enable you to tether to your phone (or another WiFi hotspot) when your main network is down, and have the Firewalla Multi-WAN support automatically swap your primary internet (and automatically swap back once your primary internet is up).



Features & Specifications

  • Use your mobile phone's hotspot as a backup internet when your main network is down. Performance is up to 200/300 Mbps with the phone close to the adapter.
  • This adapter can also be a short-distance access point (for up to 5 clients). Great to temporarily backup your LAN if your AP/WiFi is down. Performance is up to 200/300 Mbps within a distance of two rooms.
  • This is a WiFi 5 USB adapter.
  • You can not use this as a third WAN
  • Only support on the Firewalla Gold.


Package Includes:

  • 1 Firewalla Wi-Fi SD USB Dongle
  • 1 Firewalla Wi-Fi SD Antenna
  • One Year manufacturer warranty 

Presale terms:

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