11/26/20 - Firewalla 1.971 released to Firewalla Gold:  multi-wan, smart queue, docker support, device quarantine.

11/15/20 - Firewalla Web Interface 1.42 (beta) released: easier ways to edit device and alarm properties.

10/14/20 - Firewalla 1.970 released: Device groups, allow policy, LAN port scan's and more ...  

9/1/20 - Firewalla Gold all crowdfunding units shipped!  Running across 68 countries.  In addition to Indiegogo, you can now order the Gold directly from us.

6/19/20 - Firewalla featured in Fox Business NewsHow to protect your data while working remotely

5/12/20 - Firewalla 1.966 released: DNS over HTTPS, Bandwidth Usage Management, LAN DNS and many other features...