Parental Control

We’re not only the creators of Firewalla, we’re also parents.  We want our kids to be safe and protected from the mature and sometimes dark parts of the internet.   We see unplugging the power cord from the router as a viable solution, but it may be too 'direct'.   

Our goal with Firewalla is to make protecting our kids more effective and less intrusive. Whether you’re home, or thousands of miles away, we want you to have complete visibility and control. And that control shouldn’t be limited to one of you – Firewalls supports alerts and communication with both parents.


Here is a list of things Firewalla can help you with:

  1. Family Protect will automatically block porn and other questionable sites.
  2. Firewalla provides one-tap turn off control to all devices.
  3. Alarm notifications let you know if they’re playing games, watching videos, or visiting porn sites.
  4. Check all the websites a device has visited in a 24-hour period.
  5. Manually block any device's internet access. 
  6. Selectively block specific activities – like social networking or gaming.  Access can be blocked permanently or just blocked for an hour.

Kids are smart, so the multiple tools offered by Firewalla provide you with options on how you monitor and control usage. You can use your understanding of your kids and the insights provided by Firewalla to develop a parental internet control strategy that’s right for your family, alleviating stress and keeping your home harmonious.