What is Firewalla

Better security is a necessity as we move towards a connected age, where our cars, homes, and money are all connected and controlled by computers and IoT devices. The stakes are much higher, as hackers will be able to attack not just our bank accounts but our cars and homes. Connected consumer and business products have begun flooding the market, but security has been an afterthought. The world now has to figure out how to secure these connected things.

Firewalla is a vital addition to every home and small business with network and internet of things (IoT) devices. This flexible smart device provides continuous protection from crippling cyber attacks even as new threats evolve.

Firewalla can be used to reduce DDOS attacks, it will prevent these attacks from the source.

Firewalla seamlessly connects through the home router, together with the accompanying mobile app. Firewalla is plugin and play, there is no configuration.