Active Protect

Firewalla is not just a passive device when comes to monitor the bad guys.  It utilizes deep insight network flow and our unique cloud-based behavior analytics engine, actively monitor and detect suspicious connections 24x7.  Suspicious connections are categorized into different level.  For the ones that are very sure to be "bad", Firewalla will automatically block the connection.  Otherwise, an alert is raised and user is given option to decide whether to block or not.

Active protect is not just at home, when you are on the road or at coffee shops, our uniquely built-in VPN server will automatically protect your privacy. 



 Here is a quick tutorial for more pro users of what we do exactly under the covers.




Find the Firewalla for You

Firewalla Red is optimized for affordability, ideal for families and SOHO users.  Blue is optimized for power and speed, made for pro and business users. 

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