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Firewalla’s built-in ad blocker helps you eliminate ads that track your web browsing habits (or just annoyance to you). While we can’t eliminate all ads, we’re continually improving our ad blocking feature. This feature is built into Firewalla – your browsing habits will never reach any third party.

Ad block will block ads for both web pages and mobile apps.  Due to how internet domain names are designed, this block is not always perfect.  Under the hood, our service is to point your current configured DNS server to our internal DNS cache on the box (a side benefit of that is your DNS lookup will be very fast, and we didn't even advertise this!)

Firewalla's adblocker is a lot weaker than many of the desktop versions of Ad blocker.   Here is the reason, in order to 'block ads' more effectively, the ad blocker will need to access inside the data stream and manipulate unencrypted data.    Firewalla by design will never ever look at your data, and only will only look at metadata.  This is the reason Firewalla will only block certain types of ads, not all. 

Firewallla will "never" look at your data, or pass your data to third party service. 






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Firewalla Red is optimized for affordability, ideal for families and SOHO users.  Blue is optimized for power and speed, made for pro and business users. 

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