Cyber Security


Better security is a necessity as we move towards a connected age, where our cars, homes, and money are all connected and controlled by computers and IoT devices. The stakes are much higher, as hackers will be able to attack not just our bank accounts but our cars and homes. Connected consumer and business products have begun flooding the market, but security has been an afterthought. The world now has to figure out how to secure these connected things. 

Firewalla is the shield you need for your devices.  Ready to actively block malicious activities?  Here are some of the ways Firewalla will protect you:

  1. If you are a technology person, Firewalla is a combination: Firewall, IDS, IPS, Behavior Engine, Network Management Station, VPN server, together in one box.
  2. Firewalla detects new devices connecting to your WIFI and disables them if needed.
  3. Firewalla continuously scans and find which of your home devices are exposed to the internet.
  4. Firewalla alarms you if a bad link (phishing, malware) is clicked on PC/Tablet/Phone.  It will actively block anything that's malicious.
  5. Firewalla detects if strangers are watching or hacking your security camera, baby camera, or any connected device.
  6. Firewalla detects if your phone is infected with malware, preventing hackers from using your phone for nefarious purposes like cryptocurrency mining.
  7. Firewalla detects apps performing malicious activities in the background without your knowledge.
  8. Firewalla scans your network to detect security problems early.
  9. We do have some form of A.I. since AI is so overused, we decide not to brag about it. 

Network Centric:

Firewalla is a network layer security device.  It is a mix of firewall, IPS (intrusion prevention system), IDS (intrusion detection system) and also a touch of behavior analytics.

Like any other network based device, Firewalla can not see into HTTPS traffic or anything that's encrypted.   It can see the source and destination of packet streams, which is how we 'predict' various behaviors.  


As with cyber security, Firewalla is evolving.  It is not a product like a traditional router, where you buy it and leave it there.  It is a living box, which can take on a whole new personality with constant software updates.    

Since our first shipment of Firewalla, we have upgraded the box with many significant features that wasn't advertised before.   And our goal is to ensure Firewalla software will always evolve with the ever changing landscape of cyber security.

Firewalla App

The firewalla iOS app without the box is a security scanner.  Feel free download it and see if you have any problems on the network.  

Behavior-Based Algorithms:

Firewalla's intelligent core analyzes your behavior and sends you alarms when it detects activity that’s out of the ordinary. These algorithms offer you an extra level of protection that you can control. Here’s an example of how it works:

You receive a message, “Camera uploaded to”

If you don’t know who’s accessing your camera, you can choose to block access. If you know it’s OK, you can allow access.

We’re committed to continual improvement of our algorithms to make this process as accurate and unobtrusive as possible.

Defense in Depth:

We’ll never claim that Firewalla is the only thing you’ll need to secure your network and your devices. While Firewalla provides a robust line of defense, it shouldn’t be the only thing you use to secure your network. That’s why we believe in defense in depth

Defense in depth is pretty simple. If you own a home, you shut the gate in your fence and lock your doors. You may even keep valuable possessions in a safe or strongbox. To ensure your cybersecurity, you should employ layers of defense in the same way:

If you are a technology person, here is exactly how we make cybersecurity work.  This video unedited, quick ... but get to the point  ... Jerry can't draw, so it is ugly looking.