Deep Insight

To protect your network, the first thing is to gain visibility of what's going on.  With Firewalla you’ll have a full view of all your devices and network activities. It will detect activities such as gaming, video, porn, and malware while providing you with the ability to ‘zoom’ all way to specific IP addresses. 

Firewalla Deep Insight keeps a full 24-hour history of all network activities, referred to as "network flows". With network flows and advanced analytics, we can map activities to both domain names and activity types.

Some quick facts about Deep Insight:

  1. Deep Insight classifies activities by types, such as gaming, porn, shopping, banking, news, and more. 
  2. Deep Insight calculates the duration of activities. We’re striving to improve accuracy all the time. You can expect relatively accurate information at this time.
  3. Deep Insight data stays with Firewalla, and it’s always secure. It doesn’t go to the cloud.
  4. Deep Insight data provides you with hourly, daily, and monthly usage summaries.
  5. Deep Insight automatically alerts you of new devices joining the network.


Here is an example of how the graph in Deep Insight works:


With our deep-rooted expertise in the networking field, you can expect Deep Insight to grow more capable and powerful with every update.




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Firewalla Red is optimized for affordability, ideal for families and SOHO users. Firewalla Blue is optimized for power and speed, perfect for pro and business users. 

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