External Scan

Firewalla Outside Scan is a scan done from outside of your network to some of the well-known ports.  This is how hackers find ‘open’ ports and hack into your home network.

Ideally, this list should be empty, but if you do have open ports, make sure you know who opened the port and why.   Due to how the Internet protocol works, the scans are not absolutely perfect.

Who opened these ports?

  1. Your router.
  2. Devices inside of your network, such as NAS or PS4 via UPNP or NATPMP
  3. You configured these ports to be open


For automatic scans and active protection, please check out the Firewalla Red Box.  Use this code APPUSER8 for an additional 8% off! 

Firewalla is an all in one simple and affordable intelligent shield that secures all of your digital things. It can protect your family from cyber threats, block ads, control kids' internet usage, and even protects you when you are out using public Wifi. There is no monthly fee!


Simple to Use

Major Functions

Additional Features

Professional Features

Difference Between Blue and Red

Speed and Power

While the Firewalla Red was optimized for affordability, the Blue will be optimized for power and speed. Faster processor and more memory to handle the network traffic and attacks at near gigabit speed.  

Firewalla Blue will be based on the same software as Firewalla Red. The same software that’s been protecting families across 57 countries around the world.   

Both boxes will be using the same App, there is no change.   There will be changes in the cloud to provide more complex security intel for these newer devices.

Compare Variations   

BUY Firewalla Red
BUY Firewalla Blue
Packet Processing Speed
100 Mb >500 Mb
512 MB 1024 MB
Active Protect Entry 1000 10,000
32bit Quad Core ARM 1ghz 64bit Quad Core ARM 1ghz
VPN Encryption Speed
28 Mb 70 Mb

Ideal For

- Standard Speed Internet

- Families and Home Business

- High Speed Internet

- Professionals and Small Business