In Control

Armed with visibility from deep insight, Firewalla gives you full control of your network, from blocking web pages, cutting off access to devices, and even blocking ads. You will always be in control.  Our App is designed with the principle of "it doesn't take a team of experts to manage your network".  Easy to navigate, one click to turn on/off capabilities, and no hard to understand network terminologies.

  • Block any device for a period of time
  • Block any transfer between two networks
  • Block website Ads (Ad Block)
  • Block site visits based on category type, such as:
    • Porn
    • Social Networking
    • Gaming
    • Video
    • P2P
    • Gambling
  • Block Malicious Sites (Family Protect)
  • Block excessively opened ports by certain App



Find the Firewalla for You

Firewalla Red is optimized for affordability, ideal for families and SOHO users.  Blue is optimized for power and speed, made for pro and business users. 

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